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Candidates Only Page

Helping to Distribute Campaign Signs

  1. Send an image of your sign to

  2. If quantities are limited, please advise how many signs you will set aside for the party
  3. - BCRP will place your sign on our Store 
  4. - Supporters will order the signs
  5. - If a single candidate sign is ordered through our store, we will forward the request directly to the candidate to deliver or if requested, we'll help you out and give it if it is in the Bay County region.
  6. - If multiple candidate signs are ordered through our store, we will deliver or arrange pickup within the Bay County region.

2024 Bay County Republican Party Survey Participation

Links to the Candidates Surveys were sent via email. If you need a new email with the link, please reach out to

The process for scoring and evaluating the Campaign Surveys is as follows: BCRP Candidate Survey Process.pdf

i360 Software

As a member of the BCRP and running as a candidate, BCRP is offering FREE i360 Software access. If you're interested in receiving this application, please send a request to Please include your name, phone number, and email. 

Upon receipt, the Treasurer will validate your membership and provide directions on the next steps. 

Events to Network & Campaign

We highly encourage candidates to participate in our events and pop-ups. These are opportunities where we are going to the people and the people are coming to us! 

Educating the Voters

We've heard it for years...I don't know who to vote for or what they stand for.

Our website is meant to provide the community a face, a website or Facebook page to follow for candidates in an election. 

Send your photo and contact page (website or Facebook link) or a phone number/email for voters to contact you!

We'll update our 2024 Candidates Page with your information, helping VOTERS decide! 

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The  Bay County Republican Party
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