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Q. Why is the Bay County Republican Party asking for my employment information? 

       A. According to Michigan Campaign Finance law, any time a person contributes more than $100 annually to a political party, the political party must report this information. To avoid penalties and as a means of being proactive, the information is gathered with the first contribution. 

Q. Where can I find out more about Michigan Campaign Finance Laws? 


Common Questions  Answers
Why are you collecting employer information? Great Question! The Michigan Campaign Finance law requires any person (contributor) who donates more than $100 annually to a Political Committee Party such as the Bay County Republican Party to provide this information. 

We recognize that not all people will donate over $100 annually but the site is set up to be "Proactive" versus "Reactive".

Meaning...we ask for the information with the first donation, just in case. 

How can I get Involved? Head over to our Membership Sign Up page and become a member! 

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 Why are you collecting jurisdiction information? As part of our strategy, we collect this information to align different members with fellow community members.

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