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  • 02/02/2024 5:19 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    RNC National Committee Listening Tour

    With the March 2nd, 2024 Michigan Republican State Convention now only weeks away, it is time to pay attention!

    At the State Convention, delegates elected at county conventions will convene in Detroit to elect: Three Delegates and three Alternates to the National Convention, and One National Committeeman, and One National Committeewoman to represent us all at the RNC.

    Many delegates wonder about the role of the Republican National Committee. 

    In an effort to not only educate delegates on the role and importance of the RNC, but also to listen to the voices of voting delegates across our great state, I have set up multiple Zoom calls to encourage delegate participation in the selection process. These meetings are designed to:

    • Educate delegates about the important role National Committee members fill, and the importance of the RNC.
    • Discuss what we can do as a state to improve our impact on the RNC.
    • Explore the National Committeeman/Committeewoman’s role in the RNC, and what we can do to get them to better represent our state.
    • Listen to the voices of delegates, and carry out their wishes.

    By organizing the National Committee Listening Tours I hope to demonstrate my commitment to grassroots voter involvement at the national level of the Republican Party.

    These events are especially useful for new precinct delegates.

    During these 30 minute Zoom meetings you will learn about the important role the National Committee person could play in our success here in Michigan, and how Michigan can benefit from electing strong leadership to the Republican National Committee.

    Your RSVP would be appreciated by pre-registering.

    Please join me for one of the scheduled Zooms at 8:00 pm on the dates listed below.

    Questions related to the topic are welcomed.

    February 2  8:00 pm
    February 6    8:00 pm
    February 19  8:00 pm
    February 22  8:00 pm
    February 26  8:00 pm
    February 29  8:00 pm

    Click here for: Zoom Link

    Let's Make RNC Great Again!

  • 01/29/2024 1:36 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Dear Friends,

    This newsletter (See Below) is intended to provide GOP members of the 36th Senate District with some insight and updates from your state Capitol in Lansing. Our goal is to keep you up to date about legislative activities, policy developments, and other significant events in Michigan. By staying connected, I aim to ensure that you are well-informed about matters directly affecting your community and our district. If you have any specific questions or require assistance with any part of the newsletter, please let us know how I can be of service! As I ponder the insights gained from 2023, I contemplate whether there’s a more effective path forward in 2024. Over the past year, the Democratic majority has regressed to the unsuccessful policies reminiscent of the Granholm era, resulting in a struggling economy and an unsustainable state budget. Their approach involves expanding government overreach and spending, all while imposing restrictions on our rights and diminishing our paychecks. In 2024, it becomes imperative for us Republicans to demonstrate our capability to construct a brighter future for our children and our state. As always, my staff and I are available if you have any thoughts or concerns about state government. Please feel free to contact my office at or 517-373-7946.

    Newsletter attached: Sen. Hoitenga GOP Update 20240126.pdf

  • 01/29/2024 1:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Representative Mike Hoadley-MI 99th district responds to the Governor’s State of the State address given on 1/24/2024:

    The Governor’s Speech sounded more like a showcase showdown from The Price Is Right game show than a serious assessment of the current condition and future of our state. Her speech, which was tailored to music themes of the 80’s, described a familiar list of radical social policies and big government spending. While the Governor’s loyal followers may have been entertained by the made for T.V. antics, the Democrat extremist prize package does not deliver for the people of Michigan, and the Price Is NOT Right!

    The Governor’s “greatest hits” deserve a dose of reality:

    Leading with abortion, the partisan, extreme “Reproductive Health Act” passed into law by Democrats disregarded what voters wanted when they passed Proposal 3. The RHA eliminated basic health and safety standards, and other common-sense, long-standing protections that were in place under Roe v. Wade. They repealed basic health and safety standards for abortion clinics, eliminated screening for coercion and legalized partial birth abortions. Fortunately, Democrats could only garner support for part of their far-left agenda. They failed to eliminate parental consent and could not pass taxpayer funding for abortions. But unfortunately, after the Governor’s victory lap, we expect they will keep trying to pass these extreme and unpopular proposals.

    The Governor outlined her budget priorities. Michigan had a historic opportunity in 2023 to make strong, targeted investments in our infrastructure, improve our schools and increase public safety. Instead, Democrats spent our $9 billion surplus on political payoffs and endless government programs. That is nothing to celebrate as the governor did. It is a lesson we should learn from and prevent from happening again this year. Democrats spent more than $100 million on pork barrel projects like pools, theaters, boxing gyms, solar farms, and opera houses. They turned down Republican’s $100 million plan to recruit and equip new police officers. That’s not a real plan to make life better in our state.

    Regarding Economic development, the Governor’s own population council recently highlighted Michigan’s lack of a coordinated economic growth plan. Gov. Whitmer’s ‘handout of the day’ band-aid approach to job creation is apparent to everyone, and it is a big part of the reason Michigan ranks 39th in personal incomes and 49th in population growth. It is well past time we had a real plan to improve Michigan’s economy and grow our state. In the same speech the Governor promised “big things” in economic development, she also patted herself on the back for raising utility rates across the state. It is hard to be successful in anything when the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. The Governor however did unveil one specific economic plan, and just like everything else the Democrats have introduced over the last year it is focused less on creating jobs and more on pushing a liberal social agenda. Specifically, the Governor plans to hand out our tax dollars to companies that promote DEI initiatives, buy into the green energy boondoggles she supports and promote unionization. Michigan can’t tax and spend its way to prosperity. Legislating personal politics will never lower unemployment. The Governor’s home loans won’t fix our housing market, help families afford rent or own homes in Michigan. It will spend significant federal dollars on the Governor’s political allies with artificially inflated costs due to prevailing wage. We need a real plan to make it easier to build, rent or own a home in this state, not a handful of subsidies for a select few.

    When it comes to Energy, Gov. Whitmer’s green energy mandates are plainly wrong for Michigan families. The mandates will nearly double electric rates, shut down existing power plants and make our grid far more unstable than it currently is. Above all, Lansing Democrats stripped local control of green energy siting away for our local communities. Now, the Michigan Public Service Commission will be allowed to make decisions on your behalf, rather than those individuals you elected to make these decisions. Instead of celebrating the plan, we should be talking about how to repeal it to keep the lights on and the monthly bills low for the families we represent. Michigan families are already paying far too much for a grid that isn’t reliable. When you talk to people in our communities, you understand they are struggling to make ends meet and they are sick and tired of paying so much for power that goes out every time there’s bad weather. The last thing they want is a plan to increase rates and switch us over to more unreliable energy sources. That scheme was absolutely tone deaf, and I’m disappointed it was thunderously applauded on the House floor.

    Again regarding road funding and fixing the damn roads, the Governor’s top campaign promise from 2018 is still undone. All signs appear that Democrats have simply given up on fixing Michigan’s crumbling roads and bridges. Over Republican objections, the Democrat budget last year sent no new funding to local road agencies. And now the Governor’s big announcement was simply ‘spending’ more money on state highways - again neglecting local infrastructure. It is clear “fix the damn roads” was nothing more than a campaign slogan for Gov. Whitmer. While she’s great at mentioning it in debates and in speeches for the cameras, she hasn’t attempted to work with Republicans to create a real plan to get it done. Our local roads and bridges are falling apart, and we need her to care as much about fixing the problem as she does about using it for applause lines. Gov. Whitmer and House Democrats rejected Republican proposals to spend more of our state’s budget surplus on local road and bridge repairs. Instead, the Governor announced taking another $700 million in loans that will put our kids and grandkids further into debt. That is no way to plan for our state’s future.

    She bragged about historic school funding. House Democrats promoted their $21.5 billion school budget last June as “the largest educational investment in Michigan’s history” but the Governor claimed more is needed. You don’t have to hold an advanced degree in mathematics to see something doesn’t add up. Gov. Whitmer has all sorts of plans for political spending in schools, and last year’s budget included billions of dollars in pork barrel favors for political allies. But simply spending money isn’t a plan. We heard no plan that fixes the fundamentals and give students a path to a good-paying career. For all the record funding and new programs the governor chose to highlight, seven out of ten fourth graders can’t read at a proficient level. And seven out of ten sixth graders are not proficient in math. Instead of lowering standards and politicizing school funding, we need to get back to the fundamentals and work together on a real plan to raise student performance. Gov. Whitmer’s call for vast new spending plans in education rings hollow. Schools have record funding, increases in education funding outpace inflation, and the Democrats’ most recent budget spent millions on Zen Zone meditation centers for teachers, hip hop academies, and political payoffs. The problem remains in falling performance and test scores. I am incredibly disappointed that we heard nothing about addressing the real problem. The best the Governor could do on education was to promote a reheated plan that already exists to expand preschool. Michigan ranks 43rd in high school graduation and 44th in SAT scores. Our students and parents need real solutions and bold plans to fix our Schools.

    Lastly regarding taxes, Gov. Whitmer highlighted all sorts of new small carveouts she put in the tax code to pick winners and losers, and reward political allies. What she didn’t say was that Michigan’s income tax went up for every single taxpayer and small business in the state earlier this month. After blowing through Michigan’s entire budget surplus, Whitmer and Michigan Democrats had to raise taxes on Jan 1st to get their new bloated budget to balance. People are struggling under the weight of inflation and a stagnant local economy. They need tax relief. Unfortunately, the governor only wants to give tax credits to a small handful of people she selects. We need a real plan that helps everyone keep more of their hard-earned dollars in their pockets. The Governor’s biggest victory last year was repealing the retirement tax and thanks to Republicans it includes more retirees. Her original proposal would have raised the income tax rate and treated thousands of seniors unfairly. Republicans fought to keep those provisions out and return more hard-earned dollars to more taxpayers. It is too expensive to live in Michigan, seniors and families are struggling to make ends meet. The governor loves to talk about growing our population, but she doesn’t have a plan to make life more affordable. She just says a lot of nice things about a budget that spent all our money and the tax changes that leave most tax payers out in the cold.

  • 01/29/2024 1:32 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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    For Immediate Release

    Jan. 24, 2024

    Contact: Alex Porrett


    Hauck reacts to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s 2024 State of the State address

    LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Roger Hauck , R-Mt. Pleasant, issued the following statement after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s 2024 State of the State address:

    “I’m all for being optimistic and celebrating small victories as we try to build a better Michigan, but I think the governor misled people about the state of our state during this evening’s speech.

    “The rosy outlook the governor portrayed is a far cry from what many Michigan residents and businesses are feeling. Costs are up, wages are stagnant, and as the radical policies pushed by her administration and legislative leadership last term begin to take place, I’m afraid our state will continue in the current direction.

    “Roads remain unfixed because instead of making generational investments in our infrastructure, Democratic leadership threw pennies at road repairs while using public tax dollars for swimming pools and other partisan projects. Instead of expanding our electrical grid and making it more reliable, the governor and Legislature decided to scrap the whole thing and start new with wind and solar technology that have failed to deliver time and time again. Instead of focusing on proven efforts toward student success, they watered down reading and teacher evaluation standards and are more concerned with whether the school bus students ride to school is electric or not.

    “The grandstanding and ‘feel good’ initiatives mixed with a tax-and-spend philosophy have not netted desirable results over the years, and making people reach deeper into their pockets just to get by will not drive our state to the top of any lists.

    “Michiganders welcomed 2024 with a tax increase and the governor is already spending it.

    “We need to shift the focus away from this type of partisan governing and take on tough issues that actually work to shape a better future for the state as a whole. I hope tonight marks a new beginning and we can work together to promote policies that drive growth, hold government accountable and put the needs of Michigan families and businesses ahead of partisan priorities.”

  • 01/29/2024 1:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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    For Immediate Release

    Jan. 24, 2024

    Contact: Ken Morin


    Sen. Hoitenga: Governor’s partisan agenda is hurting Michigan

    LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Michele Hoitenga, R-Manton, on Wednesday released the following statement concerning Michigan’s economic outlook after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s 2024 State of the State address:

    “Gov. Whitmer likes to use the phrase bipartisanship, but that has been nonexistent here in Michigan over the past year. Of the 342 projects in the state’s most recent budget, nearly 90% of the money was sent to areas controlled by Democrats. While the governor hands out our hard-earned tax dollars to her corporate donors, the state’s infrastructure and small businesses continue to crumble.

    “Michigan ranks among the worst states for unemployment, transparency, and median income. Salary increases are wiped out by inflation and jobs are being threatened, especially in Northern Michigan as Democrats’ radical policies — packed with harmful mandates — become law. Our state continues to struggle for population growth while our friends, families, and neighbors move away in search of more welcoming opportunities.

    “The state of our state could be significantly better, and the people of Michigan deserve more from their elected leaders in Lansing. I will continue fighting against any policies that will harm the people of the 36th District and the great state of Michigan.”

  • 10/01/2023 2:58 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Attached is a letter from one of our Representatives, Mike Hoadley, on the Democrats' push to make Michigan Green like California. That's right, no fossil fuels, just unreliable and expensive energy.

    Please take a moment to grasp this 10-year plan, and share it with your neighbors, friends, family, and loved ones. Rep Hoadley's contact information is included if you want to know more or help the cause.

    Green energy reaction 9-14 (Hoadley).pdf

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